Patient Education

The following is an excerpt from the Lifeline to Modern Medicine website produced by the American Society of Anesthesiologists which can be accessed with this link:

“When preparing for surgery, many patients think of the anesthesiologist or CRNA as the “anesthesia clinician behind the mask" who sends them into sleep before the procedure and wakes them when it’s over. What they may not realize is how much the anesthesia clinician does between those two points.

Anesthesia clinicians serve a central role in the operating room, making decisions to protect and regulate your critical life functions. They typically are the first to diagnose and treat any medical problems that may arise during surgery or the recovery period.”

This website offers excellent patient education information about the many facets of anesthesiology practice. Here, you’ll find information about anesthesia clinicians, types of anesthesia, and what to expect when having a procedure. You’ll learn about activities beyond the operating room including acute and chronic pain management, obstetrical care and critical care. The website includes a “FAQ” section, patient stories, and articles on various anesthesia topics.

The clinicians of Olympic Anesthesia encourage you to visit this website. Although the time when you meet one of us may appear busy, we are always glad to answer your questions and address your concerns.